Whatever your AS2 strategy and regardless of your company size or position in the supply chain, GXS can help. If you want a hosted service, GXS offers a number of solutions, with or without translation services, to suit everyone from small and medium-sized enterprises up to tier one suppliers and major purchasers. If you want to run your own AS2 solution, we can provide consultancy, implementation services and a variety of software components and connectivity services to allow you to build a system that meets your needs (see table below).

GXS Offers a Range of AS2 Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs:

  • AS2 Outsourcing Service - If you are responding to a request from a key trading partner for AS2-based trading, our AS2 Outsourcing Service can get you up and running quickly. You need no AS2 software, hardware, firewalls, certificates or special skills: GXS does all the work, including setup and testing with your trading partner and certificate management. We can also offer optional translation services.

  • AS2 Software Options - If you want to implement AS2 yourself and need AS2 communications software, GXS provides a variety of software options to suit different needs, including:

    • Enterprise Gateway - a highly scalable supply chain integration platform that supports AS2 as well as many other communication protocols. Enterprise Gateway also provides EDI/XML data translation, full supply chain process and event management, and a suite of back office integration adapters.

    • Microsoft BizTalk Server - a complete business integration solution built on the market-leading Microsoft technology, BizTalk Gateway supports AS2 and is “Grid-Ready” out-of-the-box. BizTalk Gateway is capable of real-time integration with your critical decision-making systems, connects you with all your trading partners, and significantly improves your business performance.

    • Application Integrator™ - one of the world’s leading any-to-any data translation engines. Appli-cation Integrator leverages an easy-to-use, wizard-based graphical user interface and supports a full suite of Internet-based communication protocols, including AS2, to make it easy for you to trade electronically with any of your customers.

    • Cleo Lexicom - the easiest easy way to get started in B2B e-commerce, Cleo Lexicom enables you to securely transfer critical business documents to and from your key customers over the Internet. Users can transfer and receive everything from purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices to insurance claims, medical records, clinical data and retail reports.

  • AS2 Connectivity - If you have already selected an AS2 software solution, we can help you standardise on AS2 for all your communications. Where appropriate, you can connect to trading partners directly over the Internet. You can use the same AS2 software to connect to the GXS service, which will in turn connect to the rest of your partners according to their requirements. This enables you to reap the rewards of AS2 with your entire community and to simultaneously benefit from the GXS service, including trading partner management, transaction management, backup and recovery, translation services, access to tens of thousands of trading partners and more.

  • AS2 Contingency Service - If you connect to GXS via AS2, the AS2 Contingency Service provides an alternative connectivity method for sending and receiving critical business documents in the event of AS2 or Internet problems. You define the conditions under which the contingency mode is to be automatically invoked and you will be automatically notified of document arrival in your contingency mailbox.
To discuss your options please click here to contact GXS or call us on +44 (0)1932 776047.