AS2 Software

AS2 Software And The AS2 Standard

AS2 software and the AS2 standard are helping more companies to carry out B2B eCommerce more efficiently and cost effectively. Numbers have been growing significantly every year.

Business people often refer to AS2 as a form of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) but it is in reality a communication protocol used to exchange EDI documents.

We believe that AS2 is one of the key standards for B2B eCommerce and that companies should be eagerly embracing this low-cost approach to online trading.

Also, AS2 can be implemented incrementally, building on your current infrastructure. This allows you to manage both costs and risks – so it’s easy to test the benefits.

Benefits Of AS2 Software And The AS2 Standard

AS2 offers many benefits for organisations needing to exchange documents online:

  • flexibility to share many different types of data
  • secure transmission of documents over the Internet, even the smallest trading partners can gain easy access to them
  • confidence that documents can be read only by the intended recipients or actually come from the claimed senders
  • very favorable costs compared with other ways of carrying out Electronic Data Interchange.

Implementing AS2: Do I Need AS2 Software?

Are you introducing AS2 at the request of a trading partner? If so, you may be able to use your existing eCommerce infrastructure to handle it.

If you use an EDI service provider, ask them about the AS2 standard and AS2 software.

If you run your own software, check if the supplier offers an AS2 communications module. The Drummond Group provides a list of AS2-certified vendors or can recommend a third-party supplier whose software can be easily added to your existing setup.

If you have decided to roll out AS2 to your own trading partners, it is probably a good idea to use your existing B2B broker software as a base.

Most vendors who provide B2B brokers offer AS2 software add-on modules. You will be able to take advantage of other features offered by the broker software—such as logging, monitoring and connections to translation software—in addition to the basic AS2 protocol support.

AS2 Software Experts

AS2 has become one of the key standards for B2B eCommerce but getting started involves a series of decisions and technical steps for both you and your trading partners.

GXS has the experience, knowledge and infrastructure to help you roll out AS2 quickly and easily. We can provide long-term hosting to take away the management headache of running AS2.

GXS customers are already using our AS2 and services to strengthen trading relationships while cutting the cost of transactions.

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