B2B Integration

At GXS We deliver global B2B integration solutions to over 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies, eliminating the ongoing complexities and costs of do-it-yourself B2B integration.

What is B2B Integration?

B2B Integration replaces paper documents with electronic allowing for effective and efficient business process automation.

B2B integration is of strategic importance to your business and can have a significant impact on day to day business operations. By implementing B2B integration into your business you can dramatically improve supply chain operations, visibility and overall business performance.

B2B integration facilitates successful and cost effective electronic exchange of business data and the integration of external business processes, which with the help of GXS can easily fit in to your existing IT environment.

Why do I need B2B Integration?

Ultimately B2B integration allows you to connect in real time to your trading partners globally, improve data quality and accuracy and increase real time visibility in operations.

Through Our top platforms GXS Trading Grid® and GXS Managed Services we provide an integration services platform that reduces the complexity of procedures, risk, time-to-market and overall cost with improved ease of use.

With B2B Integration from GXS you can achieve:

  • Simplified document exchange
  • Enhanced supply chain visibility
  • Streamlined communications with trading partners.

GXS Managed Services enables customers to offload complex B2B e-commerce requirements to GXS, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue and lower total cost of operations.

GXS enables its customers to become Active Businesses, where information flows freely throughout a company’s supply chain. By strategically leveraging this information, your business can gain an extraordinary competitive advantage.

GXS offer maximum reliability, availability and serviceability of your B2B integration.

Regardless of company size, budget or technical expertise, we can find the best B2B integration solution for your specific needs contact GXS today for more information.